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Comic Vixen Reohoko

Reohoko joined the SBE team nearly by accident, during a transition between worlds where dryads and other magical creatures move to stay ahead of the hungry darkness that gobbles up mythology into the forgotten realms. Stumbling blindly into a Garden of well, not of Eden, but a Glade of magic and fantasy where home sweet home was nearly painted in the bright blue sky and the residents were all too happy to welcome in their friendly naked friend. Its true; Reohoko never wears clothes, unless forced upon by evil politicians and people in uniforms. Of course, on the rare occasion she might embrace an interesting trial outfit if it is meant to be removed in some interesting way.

It may seem strange to have a forest nymph, or dryad, working in an office tower but then very little at Stormbringer Enterprises is all that normal anyway. Amongst the eclectic stream of visitors she might even seem relatively prosaic compared to some of the more exotic ones and nudity is hardly a matter for raised eyebrows either. So perhaps the oddest thing is the way in which she and Candice have bonded to each other, though that bond could not be considered sisterly in any accepted sense of the word. The electricity between them does provide Stormbringer with an entertaining spectator sport though, and since Reo tends to chatter a lot when not otherwise engaged, he put her in charge of the literary part of his operations.

So today you can find Reohoko with a pen in her hair (unless it has otherwise been lost in the Glade, and a nearby admirer distracting her from her work. Her bed is made of leaves, and she is always available - dryads dont need much in the way of sleep. If you cannot find her, just find Candice, together they are always exploring the more intricate aspects of co-worker relationships and customer service.

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Personal Details

  • Name: Reohoko
  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: June 25
  • Height: 5'0 (152cm)
  • Weight: 93lbs (42kg)
  • Measurements: 32B2133 (815383)
  • Location: Reo's Glade
  • Personality: Dreamy, insatiably curious, dedicated but flighty - easily distracted by sparklies, glowies, and lost visitors to the Glade, can sit for hours telling long tales from the many worlds she has visited.
  • Sexuality: Endlessly curious about all things even sexual encounters, resistant to the excessive hormones of many of the creatures in the Glade but still willing to entertain if so demanded or requested.


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