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Comic Vixen Nayelli

When Stormbringer was looking for the perfect location to start his business, Nayelli was the realtor who showed him around what would become SBE Tower. With an instant attraction that overcame common sense, she accompanied him on an adventure to awaken the strange forces which laid dowmant beneath the building. That her Native American heritage was an essential part of its success seemed more than a coincidence and it took no persuasion to have her join the team as a combined researcher and receptionist.

It was during this adventure that she became sexually involved with Stormbringer and gave herself to him body and soul. She moved into a penthouse apartment next to his own where she lives when not working or sharing his bed. Far more monogamous than other staff in the Tower, she reserves herself for him, even though that single-mindedness is not returned. Perhaps he would do so if she ever asked, but she never does. Though now he rarely strays far from either the young Native American woman or Candice, who Nayelli is working hard not to get jealous over.

Aside from those two and the aliens who complete the ritual which maintains the Tower, very few see her naked. Though still easily embarrassed she is becoming more accustomed to wearing provocative clothing in public to please Stormbringer. So it is not unusual for visitors to the tower to become aware of the easily awakened shapes of her large nipples that seem to show through any clothing, or to catch a glimpse of brief panties beneath a short skirt.

Nayelli can't quite hide the firm shape of her naked tits and their big brown nipples

Personal Details

  • Name: Nayelli
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: July 6
  • Height: 5'6 (168cm)
  • Weight: 126lbs (57kg)
  • Measurements: 34D2435 (866189)
  • Location: SBE Tower
  • Personality: Very easily embarrassed, especially concerning the size of her breasts, she often tries to hide her uncertainty by over-compensating. Extremely intelligent and very loyal to Stormbringer
  • Sexuality: Her reserve hides a warmly passionate nature which found it's outlet at SBE Tower. Naturally monogamous, she is still learning to enjoy displaying herself provocatively.


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