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Comic Vixen Lillia

After eleven millennia even the unimaginably varied entertainments of the demon world can become prosaic. Partly of course it was that sense of timelesness in a dimension where endless centuries spread before the inhabitants; no one died except by choice or by some freakish accident. And such accidents as there were tended to only happen to those who needed some unusual degree of danger to awaken jaded senses. Having all the time in the world might be a dream for many but it could also become a curse.

So it was for the cute and wilful demonette, Lillia. 11,289 years may not sound all that much if you say it quickly but it still translates into over four million days and four million nights. An uninhibited demon girl can do an awful lot of things during that sort of time period, and she had. Many times. Until ennui set in. Then she had experimented with not doing them. But that didn't work either. It wasn't so much boredom with sex, she realised quite quickly. It was boredom with the attitudes of those around her. With eternity to look towards they lacked any sense of urgency and any real passion for life. Eroticism was a high form of art but technique wasn't everything.

Lillia cast about for others who shared her perception but no one understood her, though quite a few tried to fake it since she was an exceptionally talented lay. It didn't help. Then one day it hit her. Down on Earth was a race of humans whose active sex lives barely stretched to a measly half century. Surely with such a limited amount of time available to enjoy all the variations, she would find there the fervor missing amongst her own type? Selecting her most alluring form, Lillia materialised on Earth in search of a suitable base from which to experiment.

Lillia may be evil but only in a cute and sexy way

Personal Details

  • Name: Lillia
  • Age: 11,289
  • Birthday: April 30
  • Height: 5'4 (162cm)
  • Weight: 93lbs (42kg)
  • Measurements: 34C2435 (866189)
  • Location: Stormbringer Enterprises
  • Personality: Being a demonette Lillia may sometimes seem cruel or heartless but she is not vindictive and most times if she breaks one of her human toys it is only by accident. Usually she is cute and playful in her own quirky way.
  • Sexuality: No shame, no shyness, no limts and no mercy! Lillia came to the human realm for variety and she takes it wherever and whenever she wants. Lucky for the person who can keep up with her demands!


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