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Comic Vixen Cybrotica

Though rarely speaking about it, Cybrotica was the cyber construct of a scientist in the year 2095. He took the unusual, unheard of even, step of building her because the pervasive influence of ultra-moralistic groups in his past had resulted in government legislation and monitoring of any form of aberrant sexual acts. By that time, anything except a regulation missionary position with the lights out was considered grounds for arrest and removal to re-education camps. Being of a nature which rebelled against those limitations, unable to find anyone with whom to express his curiosity and libido, the scientist created and programmed Cybrotica to fill his needs.

Over the following few years he happily explored all the varieties of sexual expression with her, treating his creation as far more than a sex toy. From this she developed into far more than a programmed sex-construct and gained an ability for independent thought and emotion, loving her creator in both senses of the word. Unfortunately the scientist was discovered by the Morality Police, his final act to send his construct into the past to save her from capture and destruction. Cybrotica's final instructions were to attempt to subvert the chain of events which had led to his need to create her. So she appeared in the present day and sought out those with whom she sensed her creator would have an affinity.

Exactly how she located Stormbringer Enterprises is as obscured as what took place in an extended meeting between herself and Stormbringer. But by the end of it he was obviouly impressed enough to place Cybrotica as guide to the sci-fi and fantasy aspects of the business.

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Personal Details

  • Name: Cybrotica
  • Age: indeterminate
  • Birthday: unknown
  • Height: 5'7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 125lbs (57kg)
  • Measurements: 36DD–24–34 (92–61–86)
  • Location: SBE Tower
  • Personality: Whilst generally polite and solicitous towards humans she sometimes displays a touch of condescention towards them. Programmed to be fully loyal only towards her creator, his influence remains strong in her.
  • Sexuality: Fully programmed to enhance the pleasure of both men and women, she provides an unforgettable experience when she chooses to perform. Her own responses appear genuine and uninhibited, supporting the belief she has developed independent thought and emotions.


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